About us

At Nordic Phantoms, we are working
to improve patient care and safety

Nordic Phantoms develops and manufactures equipment for simulation-based training of healthcare professionals.

Nordic Phantoms was founded in 2021 with the goal of developing solutions for real medical problems defined by clinicians. The idea came as a result of the founder’s master thesis which identifies the needs within medical simulation in gastrointestinal diseases. The research showed a lack of simulation-based equipment for rare procedures with high mortality.

The first prototype was built and tested in close collaboration with clinicians and in January 2022 the first product was manufactured and sold.


We want to create a safer and more innovative healthcare system


We want to create a safer and more innovative healthcare system

We take sustainability seriously

The United Nations (UN) 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a roadmap for a healthier, greener, fairer, and more inclusive society.


We at Nordic Phantoms are specifically committed to SDG 3 Good Health with a focus on solutions to improve the quality of education of healthcare professionals, first responders, and the general public. Nordic Phantoms works to improve the quality of simulation-based equipment for rare procedures. Nordic Phantoms wants to develop equipment for rare procedures where there are currently no or very limited options for simulation-based training. This will allow healthcare professionals to achieve the necessary routine and confidence. Thereby Nordic Phantoms helps ensure healthy lives and improve patient safety.

SDG 12

Nordic Phantoms reuses functional parts and materials. By having a circular production pattern, Nordic Phantoms extends the life cycle of materials and product parts. Nordic Phantoms aims to use local materials, which will reduce CO2-cost of shipping and transportation.

Meet the team

Our hedquarter is in the heart of Odense. Here we work together on every aspects of development from first concepts, through to the final production of our phantoms.

Kicki Norman Nielsen



Tine LĂžjmand Elisiussen

Founder & CTO