UpperGI Bleed Phantom Specifications

The UpperGI Bleed Phantom simulates bleeding in the upper gastrointestinal tract, providing a lifelike experience with precise representations of internal organs, including the esophagus, ventriculus, and duodenum. After each treatment, the bleeding can be replaced.



H: 42 cm  x  W: 81 cm  x  D: 32 cm

Voltage: 12 V


Key Features

Bleeding Scenarios

Practical Applications

Stent Placement

Enhance procedural skills by practicing the placement of stents in the esophagus

Gastroscopy Simulation

Practice the functions of the gastroscope for comprehensive diagnostic

Balloon Temponade

Practice positioning a balloon tamponade in the esophagus to refine procedural techniques

Upper GI Navigation

Navigate through the upper gastrointestinal tract to develop advanced skills

Hemoclip Application

Simulate the precise use of hemoclips in the ventriculus and duodenum

Gastric Ulcer Treatment

Simulate the treatment of gastric ulcers to practice precise intervention techniques​

Inside Look

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Other Nordic Phantoms

Duo Bleed Phantom product photo

Duo Bleed Phantom

The phantom accurately mimics the esophagus, ventriculus, and duodenum, simulating scenarios with ventricular and duodenal bleedings.

Eso Bleed Phantom product photo

Eso Bleed Phantom

The phantom accurately imitates esophagus, ventriculus, and duodenum, allowing simulation of six different bleeding scenarios.

UpperGI Phantom product photo

UpperGI Phantom

The phantom includes anatomically precise upper gastrointestinal organs, as well as a non-bleeding visible ulcer in the ventriculus and another in the duodenum.